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The following is an Appeal sent by EAFORD to U.S. Congress, Permanent Missions to the United Nations, and Non-Governmental Organizations. 


The International Organization For The Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination  “EAFORD” calls upon the international community represented by governmental and non-governmental organizations to strongly appeal against the recent decision of the United States Congress concerning Jerusalem.  We believe that unjust decisions that pose enormous threats as such decision must be jointly and rigorously opposed.  

The recent decision of the United States Congress regarding Jerusalem as the uniting capital for Israel provokes the revival of a very explosive and sensitive issue.  It ignites the religious sentiments of a delicate matter for the three religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam).  Furthermore, the decision is in violation of anciently established, inalienable, and inherent rights documented and supported by international laws and by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  These laws and declarations have been unequivocally recognized by the UN Security Council and by member states worldwide including all governments of the United States of America, as well as the current government of President Bill Clinton.

Whether it is the congress’ bias or unawareness of the critical implications, you have issued a decision that not only violated the inalienable rights of Palestinians, but also has set the stage for complex reactions and dangerous repercussions. The members of the United States Congress committed a travesty and a mockery of justice, and made a terribly damaging mistake if they thought that they were helping Israel and the Jews by such a decision.   

The issue of Jerusalem cannot come to terms without the amicable agreement, mutual consent, and conciliation of all parties involved.  Without the diplomatic and peaceful means to resolve historical issues as such, a decision as the one issued by the United States Congress has the potential of sparking the dangerous sentiments of one thousand million Muslims and one thousand million Christians whose spirits will bear great resentments and vow revenge.  Sooner or later, this will lead to tragic consequences, and the victims might be some of those Jews who oppose the United States Congress decision as much as we do and who are innocent of any wrongdoing. 

The honorable members of the United States Congress must realize that you are not the congress of the world, and that Palestinians, as well as Christian and Muslim Arabs do not suffer from amnesia or memory deficiency.  Also, you must realize that the scale measuring national and international power will not remain permanently as it is in the present.  Those endowed with reason are aware of the possible ramifications that can result from such mockery of justice and massive violations. 

Once again, we appeal to the United States Congress and to the international community’s governmental and non-governmental organizations which represent to a large extent humanity’s conscience, in the hope that some of the members of the U.S. Congress will share our grave concern and act upon it by giving this issue immediate attention and serious reconsideration.  We call upon you to make a stand and a difference, before it is too late, by strongly opposing the decision of the United States Congress to regard Jerusalem as the uniting capital of Israel. It is a decision that is an appalling example of making a mockery of peoples and their nations. We are confident that whatever support you can provide or action you plan to take will fulfill your divine duty to stop this reckless interfering with the fate and history of the nations of this planet. 


11 July 1997